SaaS Revenue Waterfall Chart

recurring revenue waterfall chart

SaaS Revenue Waterfall Chart Ugh, Budget Season! For most of us, we are beginning budget season or we are in the midst of budget season spending crazy hours manipulating numbers, building models, and meeting with department heads to create a workable first draft of the budget. I won’t dive into the pro’s and con’s of […]

Latest Updates for Mid-September

Here are the latest updates since my last newsletter and post. CapEx Forecast Model A CapEx forecast model is not as exciting but for those in capital industries, this forecast is a must.  You can check it out here. SaaS Financial Plan I created a dedicated page just for the SaaS Financial Model.  On this page, […]

SaaS Revenue Forecast Model

SaaS Revenue Forecast Model

SaaS Revenue Forecast Model I try to keep my financial statement models as simple as possible.  I don’t forecast on one tab, but I also don’t have 30+ tabs of assumptions and formulas.  I build my models around the operations of the business and the important metrics.  Enough detail to be accurate and supportable but […]