What the SaaS Magic Number of One is Not Telling You

SaaS Magic Number

Why the SaaS Magic Number of One is So Lonely The SaaS Magic Number is a sales-related SaaS metric that determines your efficiency in generating incremental recurring revenue.  In the SaaS community, a SaaS Magic Number of 1 or greater is considered ideal, but should you really pour more money into sales and marketing if […]

Top SaaS Model Downloads of 2016

Top SaaS Model Downloads

Top SaaS Model Downloads of 2016 I started The SaaS CFO blog in April, and it has grown faster than I thought.  Thank you to all who have visited my blog and provided feedback.  With over 2,000 model downloads, what were the top SaaS model downloads for 2016?  Below I recap the top SaaS model […]

So you want to jump on the subscription pricing bandwagon?

Subscription pricing band wagon

Switching From One-time Sales to Subscription Pricing Subscription pricing has become an extremely popular revenue model these days.  It seems like any product or service such as wine, tea, cosmetics, or HVAC maintenance can be purchased via a subscription.  One-time sales seem to be a thing of the past. You can’t blame businesses for jumping […]