Top SaaS Model Downloads of 2016

Top SaaS Model Downloads

Top SaaS Model Downloads of 2016

I started The SaaS CFO blog in April, and it has grown faster than I thought.  Thank you to all who have visited my blog and provided feedback.  With over 2,000 model downloads, what were the top SaaS model downloads for 2016?  Below I recap the top SaaS model downloads of the year.

#1 – SaaS Financial Plan

With over 600 downloads, the SaaS Financial Model was by far the most popular download.  No surprise as this gets you started with forecasting your SaaS business.  I continue to make updates to the model here.

#2 – Headcount Forecast Model

People expenses usually make up most of the expenses of a software company.  Therefore, it’s important to have a robust and flexible model to forecast headcount expenses and related benefits.  I recently updated the model so that you can forecast multiple positions on one row rather than having a row for each headcount.  This is helpful when scaling outer years.

#3 – Time to Profit Template

Economies of scale are so important for a SaaS company.  This post walks you through how to calculate Average Cost of Service (ACS) and how this changes when you add more customers.

#4 – Sales Pipeline Conversion Model

If you know your sales conversion rates and time between conversions or even if you want to “what if,” this model moves a lead to closed opportunity through your conversion cycle.  Want to close $2MM in bookings next year, find out how many leads and the time it will take to achieve this.

#5 – SaaS Revenue Forecast Model

Your SaaS revenue forecast is another area where a nice, detailed model will come in handy.  I have ARR and MRR versions of this model.  Enter churn assumptions, customer growth, and pricing to forecast your MRR and customer balances.  I also added area to forecast your services backlog and burn.

Honorable Mention – Automated SaaS Revenue Waterfall Chart

For those who have created waterfall charts, you know that they can be a pain.  With this model, I automated the waterfall chart so that you can easily explain your period over period changes.  I spent quite a few hours creating this automation, and I think you will really like the insight provided by the chart.

Top SaaS Model Downloads

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